Robert Pritchard and Neil Sennett become Consultants

Rob Pritchard & Neil Sennett

The Board of Directors would like to announce that with effect from of 1st September 2018, Neil Sennett and Robert Pritchard have stepped down from their roles as Directors of tmd Building Consultancy but remain active as Consultants to the Practice.
Neil and Robert co-founded tmd in 1991 with Neil then leading the company as Chairman and Robert in close support on Practice and Professional matters. 
Their wealth of experience over the years has greatly contributed to making tmd a strong competitor in the industry, now with 30 staff in two offices. The Board and all of the staff at tmd would like to thank them both for their invaluable contribution and ongoing commitment to the Practice.  
Simon Gibb and David Copsey have taken on the role of Joint Managing Directors at tmd with the support of Equity Board Directors Alex Dewhurst, Nicholas Mullineux and Daniel Quinlan. 
With the undoubtedly hard-earned reputation of tmd in the industry and the Boards knowledge and combined experience, this gives the Practice a tremendous opportunity to strengthen their London and Oxford offices further, continue to diversify into new sectors, and bring tmd’s strong business values and service delivery to match the demands and rightly high expectations of clients.